Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Super Size Me"

My family watched "Super Size Me" today. Fire Chef thought that it would be a great movie for us to watch together. I am glad that he insisted that we watch it together. I believe that everyone in my family learned something new.

One thing that I found interesting is that the lobbyist for the fast food chains, blame childhood obesity on the fact that public schools cut PE. They did not take into consideration all their marketing geared towards children. Have you seen the new fast food commercials? I saw one that they made it seem like only parents who care take their children there. What about the fact that they have movie toys there? Let's not even get started on the movie theater snacks. :(

The movie renewed my desire to feed my family healthy foods. I wish that I could say that we do not eat at fast food places, we still do. I wish that we didn't. I wish that I was better prepared for those times when we are out and there are not a lot of healthy options.

I want to improve my family's eating habits. I want to increase our physical activity and decrease our screen time. I want to make meal times a family time.


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