Monday, December 13, 2010

Food Allergy & An Experiment

I have been struggling with my diet for over a year now. One year ago I was a pescatarian. I loved this diet. I live by the beach and was able to get fresh seafood year round. I lost around 20 pounds. Last Christmas I ended up in the ER with a shellfish allergy. This very much limits what I am able to eat. I was no longer able to eat most seafood out there. I went back to eating red meat because of some healthy issues that I was having. I am now trying to figure out what is the best diet for me. I never feel good after eating meat. I feel better after eating a vegetarian meal. I do not seem to be getting enough protein and iron right now. Yes I eat my leafy greens, I love them. I am just not sure what has happened. My blood count was a little low and my energy is non existent. So I decided to do an experiment.

I will eat an omnivore diet for a week. Then I will eat a vegetarian diet for a week. Each day I will journal how I feel after the days meals. This is how it was suppose to happen. I have been on the omnivore diet since Friday and I can tell you..I do not like it. I have felt nothing but sick. I have had tummy troubles, headaches and feeling very bloated. I have had zero energy. I have craved nothing but salty and fattening foods. I have two more days on this diet. I just am not sure if I cannot make it.


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