Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Dinner Table

I realize that it has been a long time since my last post. I have had some crazy stuff going on. 

Last week my family went camping. I cannot remember the last time that we have had so much fun camping. We were all relaxed, laughing with each other and just enjoyed each others company. One thing that I am taking away from camping was eating as a family. We do eat together, just not at the table. I fell in love with have dinner at the picnic table while camping. I loved the conversations that we had. There was really no telling where they would leave us. The children told jokes and stories. They made up games for us to play. There was no other distraction. When dinner was over there were only a few dishes to clean. After dinner, we would go look at the stars or play a board game in the rec center. We would then sit around the campfire. We would all be wiped out by 9pm! While the kids were going to sleep I would read to them from one of the books on our Kindle.  The current favorite is The Book of Nature Myths. It is a free download. They have many others to choose from.

Starting tonight we will cook together and then eat together at the family table. Squirrel & I are going to make some new placemats and napkins to use. After dinner we are going to do things together. It might be watching a movie, playing a game or reading. The main thing is that we are going to doing it together.


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